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Throughout May 2009, Errol's latest works were exhibited as part of the "Contemporary Medallic Art from Australia" exhibition at the Medialia Rack and Hamper Gallery in New York, which also included the work of Berendina de Ruiter, Peter Fleig, George Friml, Ewelina Froncek, Viktor Kalinowski, Anna Meszaros, Michael Meszaros, Rita Pearce, Wojciech Pietranik, Philip Schofield, Christine Simpson, Eileen Slarke and John Thearle.

Please click the link above, which will take you to the Gallery's website for the exhibition.

All images above copyright Ralph Davis and Medialia Rack and Hamper Gallery.

Errol's work on display at the Medialia Rack and Hamper Gallery (upper shelf)
along with the work of Anna Meszaros (lower shelf).

Image above copyright Jessica Price.

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