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Here is a radio interview with Errol about his 1989 exhibition at the Holdsworth Galleries, Woollahra (Sydney) which was held from 21st Oct - 8th Nov 1989. The interviewer is Sophia Hendel, who presented the Arts programme at the time, on Eastside Radio 89.7FM in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs.

They discuss two sculptures, "Poetic Fragment" (cast stainless steel); and a half-size replica of Errol's 4-metre welded stainless steel work, "Kakadu Flight", which won the Ueno Royal Museum Award at the 6th Henry Moore Grand Prize Exhibition in Hakone, Japan in 1989. The Award required the original to remain on permanent display at the Open-Air Sculpture Museum in Utsukushi-ga-hara, Japan.

They discuss the sculptural process and how it relates to both mathematics and nature, through contours which naturally occur, eg. in landscapes and clouds.

Thank you to 89.7 Eastside FM (eastsidefm.org) for copyright permission to upload this recording.

Thank you also to Mrs Gisella Scheinberg, proprietor of the Holdsworth Galleries who firstly, had the foresight to donate the gallery's entire manuscript collection to the National Library of Australia when the Holdsworth Galleries closed; and who secondly, gave me her kind permission to research and copy parts of the collection relating to Errol's exhibitions, one of which was this original cassette recording, which had been provided to her by Sophia Hendel.


This beautiful film, entitled "A Momentary Impression - the Work of Errol Davis" was recorded on Super 8 film on 6th January 1992 by April Glaser-Hinder. The audio is the Aria from J.S. Bach's Suite in D major, played by Trudy Davis.



Modelmakers Errol B Davis and Alan Wilson, interviewed on Channel Ten's 'Good Morning Sydney' programme by Maureen Duvall and Jo Hasham regarding the second "Australian Modelmakers' Fair", held at the Sydney Showgrounds in the Royal Hall of Industries in the 1980s.



Errol B Davis interviewed for ABC TV's 'Weekend Magazine' in 1981. The segment was called 'The Creative Urge'.



Sydney sculptor Errol B. Davis, interviewed by Edith Bliss for 'Simon Townsend's Wonderworld', an afternoon children's programme on Channel Ten in the mid 1980s. This interview was filmed in September 1984, as part of it was filmed at Parkers Garden Centre in Turramurra, where Errol's work was on display at that time; so it would have gone to air about that time, or shortly after.



Errol Davis and other sculptors are interviewed about the Macquarie University Sculpture Park on the ABC's 'Review' programme, 12th July 1993.



This video was made by Gina Park, Gallery Intern at Macquarie University Art Gallery, in 2013. The Sculpture Park's Curator, Leonard Janiszewski, talks about the Park and various sculptures including three of Errol's. Music composed by Michael Pasterfield. Cameraman Iain Brew.


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